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Meet The Team


Digital Media Consultant & Trainer

I specialize in helping people to change the world. How do I do this? By carefully building a team of leading social media and digital marketing experts and providing cutting edge social media and digital marketing advice and services.


Graphics & Web Developer

I have more than a decade of graphic design experience, and the unique ability to breathe new life into old website designs, marketing materials, and branding components.


Content Creator

I oversee all the content creation activities for clients online platforms and ensure there’s hot, fresh and relevant content to engage their audience all year long.

Dera Okoli

Social Media Manager

I am a chemist whose passion for building relationships found her a perfect place in the digital world.
I love connecting and engaging with communities online and this makes them easily appreciate the value I bring.


Creative Director

I bring your brand purpose to life with breakthrough creative ideas by actively developing strategies that help shape your overall brand Identity and make you shine like the star you are.